The Love Your Body Challenge

YOUR journey begins January 19th, 2019

I want you to fall madly and deeply in love with your body.  It is the new year and now is the time!

How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning and throughout your day? How does YOUR LIFE fit into your day to day routine? Do you feel like you have enough time for YOU? Do you feel like SOMETHING is missing?  Do you look in the mirror and feel completely DISCONNECTED from YOU?

The Love Your Body Challenge is like nothing else. This program has been over a year in the making and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you! I’ve taken my over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry and my over 14 years of experience working in the medical field to develop this one of a kind program. This is the TRANSFORMATIONAL experience you have been waiting for!

Did you know that your body is a body of bodies-consisting of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies?

Your body of bodies is the pathway to the deepest aspects of who you are.  Your truest nature. Addressing all of these pathways is why this program is so life changing.  We will develop through physical exercise, nutrition, yoga, meditation a DIVINE BALANCE of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness.

This program is designed for YOU to cultivate a deep and lasting, loving relationship with YOURSELF. The most important relationship of all.

The LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE starts at the foundation of YOUR inner and outer relationship with YOURSELF.  You are using the physical body as an instrument to progress to your highest levels of health and well being.

So how does this all work?  There will be 6 live classes where we meet in person in community at The Healing Room.  Each Saturday there will be a live workshop where we focus on different elements of physical fitness with a combination of yoga, weight training, high intensity interval training, barre and circuit training that is practiced at YOUR level of intensity. We will also begin the true secret of success of this program- a 40 day Kundalini yoga kriya and meditation to ignite willpower and release self defeating habits. This will launch YOU to YOUR goals and offer support with commitment, discipline and determination.  Each week is designed as a step in a new relationship.  We typically think of these steps as being in a relationship with someone else.  However, you are using those same building blocks of relationship to create a long lasting love affair with YOURSELF.

You will also receive over 10 online videos of workouts for home use and are yours to keep. Our home practice is where we cultivate consistency and consistency is the pathway to success. You will be given foundational tools of safe practice and form specific to your body’s needs in the live classes.  The videos offer you the opportunity to have a daily practice of movement in a variety of exercise disciplines as well as tools for self exploration. And if you cannot make one of the live classes, you will have a video with the practice material as taught in class so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

We will have a private Facebook page where I will share recipes, motivation, videos of body movement tips and exercises, self care tips and so much more!  This is where you can lean on community support throughout the week and ask questions as they arise in your practice.  We will also have TWO Facebook live sessions at week 3 and 5 for Q&A and additional support.

I cannot say enough about this program.  And I cannot wait to share this experience with you!

Week 1- The First Date

Look at this as the first date with yourself. In this class you will learn the foundation of your body using proper alignment and form, the use of weights and props and knowing how to safely move in your own body. Remember, we are moving through the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. This is the beginning of the new relationship with YOU. Live class and videos- foundational movement therapy for joint and muscle health. Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support.

Week 2- Getting to know YOU

Now that you have established the foundation of relationship in week 1, we journey into getting to know you on an even deeper level. As you move your physical body through more in depth movement, you will also note where mentally and emotionally you may resist change and notice demoting habits that have kept you stuck in the past. The energetic body houses all of your life experiences-positive and negative. Change isn’t easy but knowledge is power.  If you know how your thoughts affect your actions and reactions, you can then release what is no longer serving you to make room for what does.  Live class and videos- Circuit and weight training. Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support.

Week 3- Infatuation

You’ve gone through the first date and in week 2 gotten to really know yourself.  Week 3 is where you will really begin to notice how much you are creating a new lifestyle around loving yourself.  You realize you don’t need outside approval.  You feel more focused, energized, balanced and just so good all over- inside and out. You can’t imagine how you’ve lived this long without these practices. You’re becoming infatuated with this new loving relationship and lifestyle you are creating for yourself.  Live class and videos- High Intensity Interval Training. Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support.

Week 4- Going Steady

This is the point in your relationship where you are steadily building confidence and connection. You have found your stride in your commitment to YOURSELF. You no longer have to think about how you’re going to find time for you, you just do it.  You know how good you feel and it is now a priority.  Live class and videos- Barre series.  Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support.

Week 5- Meet the Family

It’s now time in your relationship to meet the family! How has your own childhood built your beliefs around food, health and wellness?  As you shift your focus with your relationship to yourself, how does this fit with your family life now? It’s not easy to make changes in habits and lifestyle if others around you are not doing the same.  This week we will explore those feelings, emotions and how you feel supported by both you and your family in this process. Live class and videos- therapeutic yoga and meditation. Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support. 

Week 6- All In

You did it! Through your commitment, determination and discipline you have completed The LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE. Like any relationship worth having, you lived and loved through the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs realizing the unconditional love that you hold for YOURSELF.   Live class and videos- Combination therapy of all practices in this series. Yoga psychology for mind/body medicine and support. 

Cost of program: $150 

Live classes begin January 19th at 10 am and each Saturday after at The Healing Room.  New videos released weekly to support live class material. 

Call or text Jennifer to register 260-414-2217







Yoga for Beginners

A Four Week Series

Saturday May 21st-June 11th, 2016



The Healing Room

We are all beginners. We simply begin wherever it is we’ve left off.  The past is in the past and the future only awaits us.  All we have is the present moment, our breath and our bodies, to move into more deeply with patience, grace and compassion.


Join Jennifer, RYT 200 & KRI certified Level 1 teacher in this fun and explorative workshop series as we take a deeper look into the inner workings of the practice of yoga.  We will venture into the essentials of yoga by delving into the foundation of individual yoga postures and fine tuning the fundamentals of breath, movement and focus.

Week 1: The Breath and Core Connection

Week 2: The Movement ~ Stretch, Flex and Breathe

Week 3: The Balance ~ Mind and Body

Week 4: The Practice ~ Putting It All Together





Balance and Grace

An Introductory Series to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Begins Sunday 11/15/15 through 12/6/15 from 2-3:30pm

In today’s world, we are juggling family, work and everyday responsibilities. It can seem as though there is not enough time to squeeze all of these necessities into 24 hours a day. In this 4 week series we will explore tools and techniques through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and learn how to withstand the pressures of time in our everyday life.  Allowing us to meet these challenges with the balance and grace we need to move through it all.

In this series we will learn:
-Specific techniques to apply to real life challenges through pranayam, kriyas and meditation.
-Deep relaxation with the healing vibration of the Paiste Gong, as it resets our nervous system to a balanced state.
-The experience of grace within you. Balanced, Happy, Healthy and Whole.

Four Week series-$65


Breathwalk- Four Week series – $65

Begins 11/14/15 through 12/8/15       Saturday mornings from 8-9:15am!

Join us for this extraordinary walking meditation practice.  Connect with your breath as you steady your pace, your thoughts and de-stress all while taking in this beautiful Fall season.  Through this four-week series you will experience:

– Increased energy and decreased stress

– Increased focus and motivation

– Increased mental and physical strength and endurance

– Connecting with nature, friends and your inner most Self

***Breathwalk methodology was created by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and Yogi Bhajan and comes highly recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil and Tony Robbins for its therapeutic effects.


The Healing Room

A Space for Being and Wellbeing

Welcomes you to their Grand Opening Celebration on November 7, 2015.  Join KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher Jennifer Fremion for two Kundalini yoga and meditation classes

at 10:30am and 2:30pm.

Cost per class: $10

Come as you are as we explore the ancient practice of Kundalini yoga.  Whether it is your first time trying yoga or are an experienced yogi, you will want to be part of this celebration.  This yoga is truly the yoga for EVERY BODY.

Jennifer will be teaching specific kriyas and meditations to allow you to reach your fullest potential and open you up to prosperity and abundance.


NOVEMBER 7, 2015

10:30am and 2:30pm

Cost per class: $10

6210 Constitution Drive

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804